AFL Club Memberships: Ultimate Cost Guide for all Clubs

Cheapest reserved seat membership with each AFL club

I was looking at footy club memberships the other day and as a numbers geek it got me curious about how much each of the different clubs charge for membership. So I dived into all the numbers from every club and figured I’d put together this guide together comparing them all! I put in the hard yards here researching every club’s membership to give you the ultimate guide on how much it costs to become a member of an AFL club.

Becoming a member of an AFL club typically costs between $195 and $565 for a season, depending on whether it’s a General Admission or Reserved Seat membership. The cheaper General Admission membership includes access to the team’s games, while the more expensive Reserved membership can include a reserved seat, complimentary food, or other perks depending on the level of membership purchased.

AFL Club Membership TypeTypical Cost
General Admission (season)$195 – $260
General Admission (3-5 game flexible)$80 – $150
Reserved Seat$269 – $565
Long Distance$90 – 350
Typical costs for joining an AFL club

AFL club membership usually comes in three types: General Admission, Members Reserve, and Long Distance:

  • General Admission: Access to a number of matches at the club’s home stadium;
  • Reserved Seat: Access to better seating, and the ability to reserve a seat, usually at the club’s home stadium;
  • Long Distance: Membership for those in the countryside (rural) or interstate.

Each club offers different tiers of membership within each of these types. These tiers are typically around offering better seats at the home stadium, or adding member’s benefits even when the team is playing an away game.

AFL club membership is different from AFL membership. AFL club membership typically includes only the matches that the club plays in, while AFL membership allows access to a number of matches at the MCG or Marvel Stadium. For example, if you support Essendon, you can either become a member of the Essendon AFL club and get seats to their matches, OR you can become an AFL member and watch matches at the MCG regardless of whether Essendon is playing.

This guide includes prices for all AFL clubs based on research and analysis of each club’s prices. The prices listed below can be divided into 10 payments if purchased around November-December before the season (except Carlton which is 11 payments, and Sydney which is 6). Every club also includes discounts for concession holders and juniors.

All clubs are listed in this guide, you can scroll down to see them all or click yours to jump head:

There are links at the bottom of this guide to each club’s sign up page.

My mate Cass showing off his North membership

Western Bulldogs Membership Costs

Western bulldogs membership costs between $95 and $360. Most membership options only include access to a limited number of matches, an equivalent full season membership costs between $205 and $360. A reserved seat costs extra: $100 for Bronze; $145 for Silver; $175 for Gold – this is on top of the “equivalent” full season membership (9 games).

The table below lists the membership prices, reserved seat price includes the 9-game membership.

Membership TypePrice (season)
Reserved$305 – $535
General Admission$95 – $360
Long Distance$135
Western Bulldogs Membership Prices

General admission with the Bulldogs starts at $95, which includes access to 3 matches. All Bulldogs memberships are flexible and offer 3 tiers of seating: Bronze ($125 – $295), Silver ($155 – $375), and Gold ($185 – $450). The higher price levels offer access to all home matches in Melbourne (9 matches for the season). I’ve included booking fees (see below) in these figures.

Paying extra for a seat is required for general admission members in 2022. This appears to be $10, though I haven’t been able to confirm this amount yet. The cheapest 9-game membership then becomes $290 ($200 for bronze GA + $90 in booking fees).

Reserved seat members do not have to pay for each match. If you’re buying 9-game Bronze GA, buy the reserved seat – it only costs $10 more over the whole season (compared to having to pay $10 for each match), and you get a reserved seat.

I also found it odd that the Bulldogs don’t include the 2 Ballarat matches with their membership packages. But I guess this at least gives you the flexibility to add it on if you’re keen for the drive up to Ballarat.

West Coast Eagles Membership Costs

West Coast membership usually starts at $110 for flexible tickets or $410 for a reserved seat. There are 8 options available for reserved seat membership, with the higher prices offering better seats. The highest price is $1,675.

West Coast doesn’t seem to have any memberships available to newcomers at the moment. A membership wait-list is available for $55.

The table below outlines the membership levels with West Coast:

Membership TypePrice (season)
Reserved$410 – $1,675
General Admission$110 – $175
Long Distance$100 – $330
West Coast Membership Prices

There are only two options available for general admission membership with West Coast: A 3-match flexible ticket for $110 or a 5-match flexible ticket for $175. The tickets can only be used for Eagles home matches at Optus Stadium.

Reserved seat membership with the Eagles costs between $410 and $1,675 with better seats attracting the higher prices. There are 8 tiers of seating offered. Reserved seat access includes all 11 home matches played by the Eagles at Optus Stadium. There doesn’t appear to be an option to add on away games.

I’d guess Optus Stadium is full (haven’t been there myself, I’m a Melbourne boy) given that West Coast doesn’t even offer a General Admission membership. Bit hard to be a new Eagles supporter, but I guess they do offer that wait-list for new fans to get on.

Sydney Swans Membership Costs

Membership with the Swans costs between $124 and $1,170. The cheaper General Admission packages range in cost from $124 to $245 for season access, and reserved seat packages cost between $175 (where you can pay an extra $25 for each match) and $1,170.

The table below summarises Swans membership levels and their costs:

Membership TypePrice (season)
Reserved$175 – $1170
General Admission$80 – $225
Long Distance$90 – $350
Sydney Swans Membership Prices

The Swans offer 3 packages for General Admission membership. Access to three home matches can be purchased for $124, five home matches for $199, or the season for $245.

Reserved seat membership with the Swans is available for the season as a flexible ticket (with access to a smaller number of matches). The season access costs $375 for Red, $400 for Gold, and $570 for platinum. Significant discounts are available for the flexible option which has access to less games. Unless you plan on travelling interstate, I’d recommend the flexible options.

Sydney is one of the few clubs to offer flexible options for reserved seat membership. Flexible memberships allow you to attend only the matches you want. There is a per-match ticket fee of $25 charged in addition to the membership fee.

St Kilda Saints Membership Costs

St Kilda membership costs between $102 and $834. General admission membership starts from $102 and there are 4 packages available. Reserved seat membership starts from $374 with 9 packages to choose from. Away games can be added to most packages.

I found St Kilda to have the greatest number of membership options out of any club. I’ve summarised these into the table below:

Membership TypePrice (season)
Reserved$340 – $827
General Admission$102 – $483
Long Distance$133
St Kilda Membership Prices

General admission membership with the Saints starts at $102 for a 3 game flexible package. Other packages include all home matches for the season ($230), a 10 game flexible ticket that can be shared ($263), and the option to add on away games for roughly an extra $110.

The Saints have 9 reserved seat packages. These packages are spread over Level 1 (from $374), Level 2 (from $725), and Level 3 (from $452). Level 2 offers the best seats. Away games can also be added to any package.

I also liked that St Kilda has their own website:

Richmond Tigers Membership Costs

Membership with the Richmond Tigers costs between $97 and $1995. In addition to the general admission membership, there are a few tiers of reserved seat membership costing between $310 and $745. Away matches can be added on at any nearly every tier for approximately $100.

The table below groups the Tigers membership costs by their membership level:

Membership TypePrice (season)
Reserved$310 – $745
General Admission$97 – $325
Long Distance$140
Richmond Tigers Membership Prices

Three types of General Admission membership are offered by the Tigers: All home matches for $220, all home and away matches for $325, or any 3 matches for $97.

A reserved seat membership with the Tigers starts at $310 for all home matches or $415 for all home and away. There are a few more reserved seat options that increase in price for better seats and access to facilities (all the way up to the Club XIII which costs $1995). Typical reserved seat options available in 2020 though range from $310 to $745.

I found Richmond, like the Hawks, to offer a lot of unavailable membership options. If you somehow do manage to make it to the higher levels of club membership, at least the price is cheaper than other clubs.

Port Adelaide Power Membership Costs

Membership with Port Adelaide costs between $230 and $685. General Admission costs $250 for the whole season or $100 for your choice of 3 games. A reserved seat membership starts at $320 and goes up to $685.

The table below summarises Port Adelaide membership options:

Membership TypePrice (season)
Reserved$320 – $685
General Admission$100 – $250
Long Distance$135 – $175
Port Adelaide Power Membership Prices

Port Adelaide offers general admission for $230, or a flexible 12 game ticket for $250. 3-game and 6-game tickets are also available at $100 and $180 respectively.

Reserved seat membership with the Power starts at $320 for Silver B access. There are 7 choices available increasing in price all the way up to Black Diamond which costs $685. Membership includes 11 home games as well as all SANFL home games at Alberton Oval.

Check out the Port Adelaide membership page here for more details.

North Melbourne Kangaroos Membership Costs

North Melbourne membership costs between $99 and $635. The cheaper options are for general admission where flexible tickets are available for 3 games or 10 games, and an 11 game season pass is also available. Reserved seat membership costs between $565 and $610. North also offers discounts for purchasing at certain times of year.

The below table is an overview of North Melbourne membership costs for the different levels:

Membership TypePrice (season)
Reserved$565 – $635
General Admission$99 – $230
Long Distance$160 – $510
Kangaroos Membership Prices

General admission membership with the Roos has three options: A season pass (the 11 home matches) for $230, a flexible 10 match ticket for $199, and a flexible 3 game ticket for $99. North occasionally offer a significant discount on these tickets. I’ve seen the season ticket available for $99 in December.

Reserved seat membership with the Roos is spread over 2 levels, costing between $565 and $635. The better seats cost more money. Level 1 seating is $565 or $589 for the season, and level 2 seating is $610 or $630.

Melbourne Demons Membership Costs

Demons membership costs between $112 and $1,159. The cheaper membership levels are for general admission tickets, while the more expensive membership levels include reserved seats, and club and function access.

The costs of demons membership is summarised below:

Membership TypePrice (season)
Reserved$459 – $1,159
General Admission$112 – $375
Long Distance$152
Melbourne Demons Membership Prices

The Dees include three options for General Admission: A 3-game flexi ticket for $112, access to all home games for $234, and access to all home and away games for $375.

Reserved seat membership with Melbourne starts at $459 and increases based on access to a better seat. Each reserved seat membership option can have away games added on for roughly $120 for the season. The most expensive option is Legends ($869) and members at this tier are offered an exclusive annual function for an additional $190.

I found the Dees to offer the most accessible membership options. It’s easy to add on away games, it’s clear where you’re sitting, and it seemed straightforward to buy.

Hawthorn Hawks Membership Costs

Hawthorn membership costs between $105 and $1,895. General admission membership is at the cheaper end, costing roughly $105 to $210 depending on how many tickets are included. Reserved membership costs between $280 and $1,895 depending on which seats and other perks are selected.

The table below summarises the costs of Hawthorn membership:

Membership TypePrice (season)
Reserved$280 – $1,895
General Admission$105 – $210
Long Distance$105 – $470
Hawthorn Hawks Membership Prices

General admission membership with the Hawks comes in three options: A 3-game flexi ticket for $105, 10-game flexi ticket for $180, or an all home games season ticket for $210.

The cheapest reserved seat membership with Hawthorn is the Dunstall Club, costing $280 for all home games or $370 for home and away. Various levels are available for better seats and club access, with the most expensive being the Lethal Club costing $1,895. The higher levels of membership are unavailable when I researched this article, except the Lethal club (Hawthorn’s popular!).

There are also a lot of options for Tasmanians to become Hawks members. A 4-game general admission ticket costs $105 and there are half a dozen more options depending on how good of a seat you want.

Greater Western Sydney Giants Membership Costs

Membership with GWS costs between $101 and $681. The cheapest general admission option is the 3-game flexi membership for $101, while the cheapest reserved seat costs $269. Three levels of reserved seat are available with the most expensive costing $681.

A summary of the options for GWS is described in the table below:

Membership TypePrice (season)
Reserved$269 – $681
General Admission$101 – $315
Long Distance$113 – $299
GWS Membership Prices

General admission membership with the Giants has three options: A full season 11-game membership for $315; a 4-game hybrid (3 general admission and 1 reserved seat) for $165; and a 3-game flexi for $101.

Getting a reserved seat includes a $269 option for Silver, $427 for Gold, and $681 for being an Ultimate Giant. Prices vary slightly based on Sydney or Canberra.

Gold Coast SUNS Membership Costs

SUNS membership starts at $209 for general admission; there are three tiers of reserved membership costing $299, $559, or $799 for a season. The more expensive options offer access to better seating.

The different membership levels for the SUNS are captured in the table below:

Membership TypePrice (season)
Reserved$299 – $799
General Admission$209
Long Distance$55 – $239
Gold Coast Membership Prices

Two General Admission options exist, both costing $209: Sunscreamer and Bronze. These get you access to different seating sections at home matches, and are on-par with what other clubs offer in a General Admission membership.

The equivalent reserved membership with the SUNS comes in three tiers: Silver, for $299; Gold, for $549; and Platinum for $799. The more you pay the better the seat you get.

Unlike other clubs, it seems the SUNS don’t offer a flexible tickets option. I feel this could make it tougher for people who don’t want to commit a larger amount of money to the season membership, but still want to support the team. If you’re in North Queensland or live in another state, there are a few options where you can get cheaper membership (e.g. 2 home games for $59).

I found the Victorian membership to be great value, costing only $239. It includes 4 SUNS games in Melbourne, an additional 7 MCG games of your choice, plus access to some other SUNS home games.

Geelong Cats Membership Costs

Cats membership starts at $90 for three General Admission tickets and can go up to $899 for membership to the Geelong Social Club. The typical cost of Geelong membership though ranges between $235 and $380 depending on whether you’re attending GMHBA games, Melbourne games, or a combination of home and away games.

This table is how much the different membership levels cost with Geelong:

Membership TypePrice (season)
Reserved$380 – $899
General Admission$90 – $345
Long Distance$105 – $145
Geelong Cats Membership Options

General Admission membership with the Cats depends on whether you’re watching matches in Melbourne or Geelong (or both!). Options for the whole season include $235 for all home games, $285 for all Melbourne games, or $345 for all home and away games. Flexible general admission also has a few options: Any 5 Melbourne games for $150; any 5 games if you live in the country (except Geelong!) are $145; and any 3 games are sold for $90.

There are only two options to get a reserved entrance membership with Geelong: Reserved access at GMHBA, costing $440 and including all games played there; or membership with the Geelong Social Club, costing $899 including all home games.

When figuring out all these costs I discovered that Geelong is one of the few clubs that seem to independently maintain their own website! I like that, makes the club stand out from the competition.

Freemantle Dockers Membership Costs

Membership with the dockers ranges from $75 for the cheapest General Admission package all the way up to $3,575 for access to The Pavilion. More typically though, general admission membership costs between $75 and $229 while reserved seat membership costs between $269 and $999.

The table below summarises these membership options with the Dockers:

Membership TypePrice (season)
Reserved$269 – $999
General Admission$75 – $229
Long Distance$90 – $350
Freemantle Dockers Membership Options

Freemantle also offer access to The Pavilion for $3,575 which includes a lot of extra benefits. The Dockers also offer a Premiership Terrace membership for $999.

A full season of reserved seat membership starts at $269 and can go up to $999. Paying more gets you access to better seating. There are six levels of seating to choose from. Flexible membership tickets are available starting at 5 games for $159 (you can pay more to choose a better seat).

General Admission membership with Freo is available as an 11-game flexi ($229), 5-game flexi ($159), and 3-game flexi ($75). Flexi tickets can be used at the home game of your choice.

Interestingly, Freemantle offers its reserved seats with a bit of flexibility (I found most clubs only do this for GA seating). I feel Freo is one of the most flexible clubs in terms of letting its members choose which games to attend.

A Melbourne membership is also available costing $150 (if you only want Freo games) or $350 if you want a guaranteed 11 games. These 11 games are made up of Freo away games played in Melbourne + any other games you want to attend.

Essendon Bombers Membership Costs

Bombers membership starts at $94 for four flexi general admission tickets and goes all the way up to $844 for a reserved seat with home and away access, and other perks. There are many levels in between.

The table below is an overview of what the price of Bombers membership are like at these different levels:

Membership TypePrice (season)
Reserved$435 – $844
General Admission$94 – $235
Long Distance$130
Essendon Bombers Membership Options

General admission membership options include 4 home games for $94, 8 home games for $195, or all Melbourne games (home and away) for $235.

Reserved seat membership options include Bronze ($435), Silver ($694), or “High Mark” ($844). The more expensive options offer better seating for matches at Marvel stadium. As far as I can tell, Essendon includes home and away games in these packages.

I found Essendon to offer some of the best value home and away packages. All Melbourne general admission home and away games for $235, and the inclusion of away games to any reserved seat level, feel like a great way to get out there and see the Bombers play more often.

Essendon also seem to offer the best flexible ticket option. The 4-match general admission for $94 is the best value I saw in this whole guide.

Collingwood Magpies Membership Costs

Membership with Collingwood starts at $190 for 10 General Admission games; a General Admission season membership costs $210. Reserved seat membership starts at $375 with the highest tier being Legends: Ultimate costing $915.

Below is a summary of the Collingwood membership price for each membership level:

Membership TypePrice (season)
Reserved$375 – $915
General Admission$190 – $375
Long Distance$175
Collingwood ‘Pies Membership Options

General Admission membership options include 10 flexi tickets for $190, a season of matches for $210, or a General Admission Plus package for $375. The “Plus” membership adds on access to all Collingwood away games as well.

Reserved seat membership options with the ‘Pies start at $420 for level 1 bay access, $750 for the Legends (Ponsford or Freedom), or $915 for Legends: Ultimate.

I found Collingwood one of the more expensive clubs to get in to. The cheapest option is the $190 flexi-10, which includes 10 tickets to Collingwood home games. This isn’t an unreasonable price for what you get, but Collingwood doesn’t offer any cheaper alternative (many clubs offer a 3-game flexi for less).

Carlton Blues Membership Costs

Blues membership starts at $99 for 3 games of General Admission seating and offers a variety of levels costing up to $925 for Reserved Seating on the Wing.

The table below is a summary of the membership levels the Blues offer:

Membership TypePrice (season)
Reserved$285 – $925
General Admission$99 – $270
Long Distance$120 – $167
Carlton Membership Options

The cost of membership can be split into 11 monthly payments. I found Carlton to be the only club that offers this (every other club with monthly payments splits them into 10).

General Admission Blues membership has the options of: All home games in the season for $220, the choice of any 3 games for $99, or 10 flexi tickets for $270. I couldn’t figure out why 10 tickets is more expensive than a season (11 games), but my guess is that the 10 flexi tickets can be shared whereas the season ticket is for one person. The cheapest way to get Carlton membership is with the 3 game package for $99.

Carlton splits up its “Reserved” tickets into a Member Zone and Reserved Seat categories. Member Zone is a step up from General Admission and gets you access to the Member Level 1 as well as the General Admission area ($285). You can also add on access to the Captains Club (total being $520).

Reserved Seats include the Members Reserve ($455 – $520); Captains Club Reserved Seat ($635); and Legends Lounge ($825 – $925). Paying a higher price gets a better seat. Cheersquad membership is also available for $611.

Brisbane Lions Membership Costs

Membership with the Brisbane Lions costs between $88 and $530. General admission membership costs $195 for the season while reserved seat membership costs between $330 and $530. Paying more for a reserved seat membership will get a better seat.

Membership TypePrice (season)
Reserve$330 – $530
General Admission$88 – $210
Long Distance$163 – $260
Brisbane Lions Membership Options

General Admission membership with the Lions has two options: A season membership for $195 or an 11-match flexible ticket for $210. The season membership includes access to all home games of the season, while the 11-match flexible ticket can be used for any 11 tickets (you can share it with your mates).

Reserved seat membership with Brisbane has three tiers: Standard for $330, Prime for $430, and Premium for $530. The higher prices get a better seat at Brisbane home games. There is no way to add on away games.

Flexible Reserved Seat memberships are also available with Brisbane. These can be bought for 3 games with standard costing $115, Prime costing $150 and Premium costing $165. I’ve found these to be good value if you’re not sure you can make it to every Lions match in Brisbane but still want a better seat when you do.

Adelaide Crows Membership Costs

Becoming a Crows member starts at $105 for General Admission and goes up to $800 for the Legends reserved seat membership. General admission can be purchased for 3 games or 11, while the Reserved options include all Crows home matches.

The table below is a summary of the season prices for the different levels of membership:

Membership TypePrice (season)
Reserved$360 – $800
General Admission$105 – $275
Long Distance$120 – $260
Adelaide Crows Membership Options

The cheapest Crows membership is the $105 General Admission which includes access to 3 home games. A full season’s membership, which includes 11 home games, costs $275.

Getting a reserved seat for the season starts at $360. There are a few options for better reserved seats, with the highest level (Legends) costing $800 for the season.

I found Adelaide’s Legends membership to be one of the cheaper top tier options.


I went to each club’s website to make sure I had all the right information for this guide. Here is a list if you want to take a look:

Chris grew up in Melbourne and from a young age was exposed to a family of Essendon, Collingwood, and Demons members (a mixed bunch I know!).


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